Welcome to the information hub for Season 4 of Propel Projects! This page serves as an all-in-one repository of information regarding the program. If you need more details regarding the program, you'll probably be able to find it here!

<aside> ⛳ Getting Started

  1. We suggest starting with Program Details & Overview. That should give you a good high-level understanding of how Propel will go this season.
  2. Look over the ! Know what to expect every week as you go through Propel.
  3. Check out Materials & Resources for any field-specific resources specially curated by our mentors.
  4. Look over some of our Projects in detail! They may serve as inspiration for your work this season. </aside>


Program Details & Overview

Program Culture & Etiquette

Roles and Expectations

Program Timeline

Materials & Resources


Propel Committee

Propel Cohorts

Propel Community

<aside> 📣 If you have any questions regarding this page or the program, please contact @Christopher Kok, @Ignacio Raposo, or @Joey Wong.